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Presentations with a difference. Zaragoza Group Experience

Presentations with a difference

We’ll introduce innovative ideas to your presentation, such as magic for example, to gain maximum audience engagement

Team building. Zaragoza Group Experience

Team building

We organise fun, outdoor team games that will evoke plenty of laughter whilst reducing stress levels at the same time

Awards Ceremonies. Zaragoza Group Experience

Awards Ceremonies

We convert long, drawn out soporific formalities into dynamic, uplifiting events to hold and involve your audience

Zaragoza Group Experience. Activities for groups in Zaragoza

Team Building Acitivities

Cultural tourism including treasure hunts around the City

After work parties. Zaragoza Group Experience

After work parties

We can arrange private parties exclusively for your group. Or how about your own Oktoberfest?

Interactive visits. Zaragoza Group Experience

Interactive visits around the city

Instead of the usual methods of sight seeing, how about you visit the city and learn more about it on a bike, a kayak or have a character actor inject some authenticity into the City’s heritage? You decide!

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